Its necessary to have a different look

Its necessary to have a different look

One of the spring day, at evening, I am looking into the sky and clouds which intertwined link with each other, and I get that image out. Sometimes the image shows an elephant that is walking or horse his head toward sky. Sometimes a dolphin kicks the ball and most of all captures a gallop and white smoke from its chimneys protruding. The image of Windy and slightly smoky train turns into a huge ship. I call my friend and I try to show him a picture that I have made with clouds. He also sees the same image sometimes and sometimes another image. All of us, had imaginary with clouds more and more. We have laughed at the images we have seen.

This, is just what happens in our daily life. Sometimes we build something and enjoy seeing it, but others, look different from our idea, so they have seen another aspect of our work. This look is different, and these differences is sometimes sweet and sometimes sad.

Now we change our place from earth to sky on the cloud. On top of the sky, look the road line within plains and mountain indirectly. This maze of sorts, such as red blood cells inside the vessels, move people and cars from one point to another. But this twisted roads, except of transferring cell (cars), do other work. With a little carefulness, you can see twisted line, create pictures as if they are painted on the ground.

The image of a face who people see on the ground from above is, like the image of clouds, and we can see the picture that have shaped from far away, on top of the sky. Now, we- Humans- are like that blood in the veins of those images that they are moving and we are going from one way to another.

When roads formed, moreover to create new forms that access to the area,

These changes to a region is sometimes beautiful or bad or violent. These roads affected on the people life by a new looking. Perhaps the road constructor have not such attitude to the road, even. But unintentionally it formed and other beauty images created for it.

With every action, there will be changes, but these changes are not visible always. Just those people can see this differences and distinguish the beauty or esthetic changes, who have a different look.

I look at the maps and the road differently. Between the twisted lines from each city, I separate the picture I see and then transfer it on canvas and then paint it. 

 In this way, I have a better feeling of these images. Paintings of life style. After that, I completed the face and body lines, I had a sense of pleasure when I saw my brush up on roads and move to create a shape. As if I paint the road by myself. I enjoy it.

 At the end of painting, I see the result. I have a strange sense when I see there is a mixture of twisted hair and crinkles in my painting. It has created from thousands of people daily life over several years.

 I started with Google Earth, with a different attitude to the road. Be sure other people have seen images of the road and sometimes have connected them with lines. But I'd seen the lines of plane that got the map out and transferred onto canvas and then I started to paint and I painted. In this way, I showed to others the image of the city.

This unwanted images, have been shaped over the years. And may be, we can create a new image with a slightly changing on our looking. Like looking at clouds, but I saw each city like that.

The aim is to show, how to shape different picture from different action. And differences in looking causes differences in result. Now this image could also create in another shape. What is important is that, how to look for around? It is important. Roads, in the real world, connect people together. And in my painting, concept of shapes, exists a picture.

Certainly, technology has greatly contributed to this look. Technology is a tool for different view. When I saw the images of the earth with Google Earth from satellite, for the first time, I was disturbed for such a small human realm.

 Satellite imagery, enabled us to see the world from a different places. Thanks to Google Maps and NASA for having such images in public. Technology can change our perspective and create a fresh look at the world around us better.