Along the look
The second exhibition of group photo exhibition 'Along the look' in Rasht From 21upto 26 Oct 2917 in Marlik Gallery, Khatam-al-Anbia Cultural and Art Complex of Rasht
Another Look - Hossein Aghaeipour Exhibition
Another LookShahnoosh Art GalleryHossein Aghaeipour ExhibitionIt's necessary to have a different lookIt's an honour for us to have a privilege to invite you and see your presence in exhibition. Opening : 13 October upto 17 October Time : 4 - 9 pmAddress: No.62 - Pasdaran St. - shahnoosh art Gal...

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َAshura - Croatian Religious Affairs Photography Festival 2017 -  PH635
َAshuraAccepted in Croatian Religious Affairs Photography Festival 2017-  PH635
Good Feeling of life -  Painting & Illustration Group Exhibition 2018 - Palestine Contemporary Art Museum - Tehran
Good Feeling of lifePalestine Contemporary Art MuseumPainting & Illustration Group Exhibition  - Tehran16 April 2018